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Naruto: Team 7 Adults! by Dragon-KnightGuvz19
Naruto: Team 7 Adults!
Well, I was able to read the Final issue of Naruto... :crying: rvmp 

As sad as I am, in honor of everything that Masashi Kishimoto has done for all of his loyal fans for all these years, I 've decided to draw out Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura (Team 7) as Adults. Naruto characters have really stuck with all of us as we grew up with this series, and some of us even developed on our own due to these characters. (For me, it was Sasuke Uchiha(I was a lot like him growing up)

Thank you for everything that you've done, Kishimoto-Sensei, and Naruto will forever live on in our hearts as well as everything your magnificent series stood for! Oh, and Happy Birthday!

Though it may not need to be stated this time around, (and as clear as it already is,) Naruto, and its characters are all property of Masashi Kishimoto. This artwork of these characters is by me.


The image I've done is actually already a picture but with different character designs in the Naruto Series. try and guess where this scene was in Naruto!

Naruto Uzumaki (Thumbs Up) Naruto Uzumaki (This is the way) [V1] sasuke uchiha icon sasuke uchiha icon Sakura Haruno (Blush) [V1] sakura haruno icon Icon#12 Hatake Kakashi . Kakashi smile emoticon 
Just bred Two Shiny Pidgey in a row!!!

A Brother and a Sister!!!
Mega Rayquaza by Dragon-KnightGuvz19
Mega Rayquaza
Well, everyone, Mega Rayquaza has finally been revealed!!!!!

For this picture, I decided to use somewhat of an aurora passing by Mega Rayquaza as it flies through the darkened windy sky. (Oh, and yes those are mountaintops below...)

Not that far to go before Pokemon Omega Ruby & Pokemon Alpha Sapphire come out, and I am psyched!!!!!

I do not own Rayquaza, nor do I own the new Mega Rayquaza, that Pokemon belongs to Satoshi Tajiri.
Happy 22nd Birthday from the World of Pokemon!!! by Dragon-KnightGuvz19
Happy 22nd Birthday from the World of Pokemon!!!
Well, another year has passed and now I'm 22!!!

It's even being celebrated in my Pokemon Y game, what more could a guy ask for? 8-)
Alucard in Soul Calibur 5 by Dragon-KnightGuvz19
Alucard in Soul Calibur 5

It's everybody's favorite ****Mothering Vampire from Hellsing Ultimate: Alucard. 

Alucard is property of Kouta Hirano.
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Hi everyone,

How's it going?

Like a lot of Pokemon fans, I've been playing Pokemon Y for quite some time now. Throughout my journey, I've come across several Pokemon that I feel are a great asset for a team, however, I still need some ideas on what to use as well as how effective they are in battle. I'm willing to try and accept a challenge whenever someone is up to it. My 3DS Friend Code is 1977 - 0214 - 4672.

- Dragon-KnightGuvz19

If anyone has a shiny pokemon from the new generation, I could try and trade a previous generation shiny once December comes along if you're willing to part with the pokemon. If not, it's completely understandable, but trade offers still remain. Shiny or not, I would like to battle and/or trade with people.


Dragon-KnightGuvz19's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Other
United States
I'm currently a college student, and I'm done my Associates Degree and going into my Bachelor's Degree. I don't do may drawings all of the time, but I will try to post up some of my work. None of the drawings that I do are traced. I drew them all out by looking at the paper/drawing right next to me or right in front of me. I also have no intention of copying people's work, so I do not take credit be hid the original creators to the artist(s) behind my drawings.

As for New Year's Resolutions, one of mine is to meet TeamFourStar or just LittleKuriboh, and another is to work on more drawings and submit them more often. So far, one of them has been accomplished since I met LittleKuriboh @ MomoCon 2012!!! 8-)

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