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Pokemon Warriors Cover by Dragon-KnightGuvz19
Pokemon Warriors Cover
This is the cover for my fan fiction series Pokemon Warriors. (name pending) This series involves is a war being waged in the world of Pokemon. Many years ago, humans entered the world with the ability to fuse with their partner Pokemon. While experiencing her first contact with Pokemon, Melody Ashland is forced right into the middle of this war, and the only person she actually knows in the Pokemon world has gone through an immense change from when she knew him in the human world. What will happen? Who will reign victorious? Check the story to find out...

It is somewhat of a cross between Pokemon, DragonBall Z, & Naruto. Each series has certain parts included in this one.

Pokemon - The Pokemon characters, Mega Stones, Pokemon Fusion, Fan-Made Pokemon (like Mega Darkrai), Mystery Dungeon-ish storyline.

Naruto - Occular Abilities (Sharingan, Rinnegan, Byakugan, etc.), Weapons & Villages

DragonBall Z - Multiple Techniques (more than four moves), Possible Transformations, Fusion


Rinnegan Lucario - Alex

Gardevoir - Melody

Pikachu - Nick

Mega Aggron - Aaron

Chesnaught - Logan

Cloaked Mis-Colored Absol - General Absolon

Mega Darkrai - Mega Darkrai

Greninja/Zoroark - Adam

Mega Lopmagius - Nina

Xerneas Hybrid - ?

Yveltal Hybrid - ?

Humanoid Arceus - Lord Arceus

I do not own anything but the idea for the story, and the character designs. Everything else belongs to their original owners.
Happy Halloween with Pumpkin Mr. Popo by Dragon-KnightGuvz19
Happy Halloween with Pumpkin Mr. Popo
Alright Maggots, listen up! Popo's about to give you the Pumpkin Order... It goes you, the cavities, the candy inside of the cavities, Popo's Pumpkin, Piccolo/Nail/Kami, Then Popo...  Any questions? ......Good. Then we can begin....

Enjoy your Halloween, everyone! But be careful, I've heard of an unparalleled darkness going around recently, and accompanied with that ominous darkness...A pair of eyes... So if you go Trick-Or-Treating tonight, just make sure you run if you hear either of these sounds:… (Popo - Byyyyyyye...)… (Popo's Laugh)

Happy Halloween!
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Hey everyone, I have to admit it's been way too long since I've posted pics from my Omega Chronicles series. No worries, though. I'm well on my way to working everything out. New pics and updated character profiles will be coming soon, and I might even get some drawings for the characters as well. It all depends on my motivation.

Side-Note: I finally finished my I.T. Bachelor's Degree Program!!! (Information Technology) 8-)
Introducing... Demon God Dumplin!!! by Dragon-KnightGuvz19
Introducing... Demon God Dumplin!!!
THE SAVIOR HAS COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those who have seen TFS Plays: Dragonball Xenoverse, you would know this character well for those that don't I will give a brief explanation.
Dumplin is a VERY short Majin with Ghost Nappa's Voice (Taka is Male Voice 8 in the game). Dumplin has arguably been one of the best things that I've seen on the internet in a long time so I knew eventually that I had to make a sculpture for the Demon God himself. (For those wondering why I constantly refer to him as Demon God Dumplin, I'm afraid telling you would cause spoilers, so watch TFS Plays: Dragonball Xenoverse on or on YouTube.
Chapter 2: A Happy Reunion?

It took some time, but I had managed to finally reach the Krane Ruins… I suppose I should explain… You see, at least 150 years ago, there was an event known as the Shadow Crisis… It was an event where a human criminal organization known as Cipher had taken Pokemon and closed the door to their hearts thus transforming them into monstrous fighting machines classified in the records as Shadow Pokemon. A man named Wes had stopped them, but then they had made their comeback five years later when the Pokemon HQ Lab was working on a device known as the Purification Chamber. After the second Shadow Crisis, everyone did everything in their power to make sure that Cipher’s members and higher-ups were locked away for good. One thing that still puzzled the authorities of that time though was that whenever they found the research on making Shadow Pokemon, it had erupted into a blast of darkness… Over time, when humanity plagued the Pokemon world so far, they were evacuated off world to a new universe and at that time, this world was restored to its original state. Through the process, human settlements were eliminated and had become ruins in the wake of the Great Planetary Restoration, however, some of Professor Krane’s research on the purification chamber survived and was fortunately found by The Resistance; a group of Pokemon and humans lead by Lord Arceus to maintain peace in this world and to take down The Dark Shroud. But enough about ancient history, back to more present matters…

I had managed to track down the Dark Shroud members to the Krane Ruins, but I knew I had to stay out of sight. I could not risk the girl getting hurt… I did notice though that they had some sort of laser connected into what looks like the purification machine, but I knew that in this era, the machine didn’t work, so it just puzzles me of why they would want to use it. That is, until I noticed the Concentrated Dark Crystals placed upon the machine. From the look of things, it seems that they made some form of modification to the purification machine, and basically reversed its original purpose… Instead of purifying Shadow Pokemon, it creates them… It explains the recent outbreaks that have been going on for the past few months, but it doesn’t explain why they’re using it on a innocent human like her… What is still on my mind though is how come she didn’t transform? Maybe she had never come to this world yet…

“Get everything ready,” shouted the leader, “the last scout hasn’t reported in, so we must’ve been spotted in the human world! If that’s the case then we don’t have much time before we’re discovered…”

“Set the charges… We cannot let The Resistance find any trace of what we’ve done here!” Shouted a hooded figure next to the leader.

So as the minions set the explosives around the ruins, the leader and his accomplice started activating the laser and aiming it at the girl. Now I could just go in there and save her, but unfortunately, it would take time for me to undo her chains, and if the Pokemon down there is the one I think it is, then there is no way I’d be able to make it out of here with her alive… I unfortunately have no choice but to let their plans play out and make my move when they don’t expect it.

As the laser was charging power, the girl had awoken in absolute fear and shock and started screaming.

“What the hell is going on here?! Who are you people?! What are you?! Let me out of here!”

“Heh, heh, heh… I’m afraid we can’t do that young lady, you see, we need you in our army. According to our leader, you seem to have a strange power that would be beneficial to our group in our fight against The Resistance! Which is why we will change you to benefit our needs…” Explained the leader.

“But I don’t even know what you’re talking about! I’m just a regular girl! A HUMAN! I don’t have any kind of special powers or anything like that! And what do you mean ‘change me’?!”

“Oh, into a Pokemon of course… You won’t be able to awaken your true power in that weak body of yours.”


“ENOUGH! I’m afraid it’s time to say good-bye to your humanity Ms. Ashland…”

At that moment, the laser had activated and shot at her right in her center. As she screamed in agonizing pain from the blast, an incredibly blinding flash of light appeared out of nowhere and seemed to have intercepted the laser. Normally watching something like that would really damage one’s eyesight, but through my aura-sensing abilities, I was able to make out the shape of the Pokemon Gardevoir. Why would a Gardevoir protect this human? Did it have some form of bond with her or something?

“Nice try, but I’m afraid that won’t work!” Laughed the leader. At that moment, the light was dying out and entering the body of the girl. At this time, the girl was engulfed with a shadowy aura, and then she started to change shape. As I opened my eyes, I could see that her shoulder-length hair was lengthening and changing green, her face shifting making spike-like protrusions coming out from the side. Her arms increasing in length and turning green, and her legs becoming very thin and white as a thin white dress seemed to cover them. Then a red spike came through her chest, and it was clear to me that the Gardevoir that had protected her before had become fused into her body, and now she was being turned into a tool of evil…

“Sir, her transformation is complete! Now it’s time for the dark cleanse!” shouted the hooded one.


As the Gardevoir girl had fallen unconscious from the earlier laser blast, a new laster blast hit her again and this time, started to change her color to black and dark purple. I knew now they were changing her into a Shadow Pokemon, but as I was about to stop it, I sensed a powerful energy emitting from inside her and it was rapidly increasing.

“NO! It can’t be! She possesses that?!” Shouted the leader.

Once he said it, I knew what ‘That’ had to be: The X Shard. As soon as I found out what happened, the X Shard had been blown to pieces, and the laser’s trajectory changed to one of the explosives previously set.

“DAMN IT! TAKE COVER!” The explosions were deafening and large, but somehow, the ruins remained intact, but were engulfed in a heavy flame… Fortunately, I made out the girl’s aura, she survived. Most likely due to the X Shard, but at this point the shard was in pieces. This was the moment that I was waiting for. I had to make my move now or all would be lost..

“Now what have we here? What are you thugs doing in these parts of the woods?”

“CRAP! It’s the High General of the Resistance! RUUUUUN!!!” One by one, the minions escaped into a dark portal, however…

“Sir, we must go! The ruins could completely explode any minute!”

“QUIET, General Absolon! I must find at least one piece of the X shard for the master! You go on ahead!”

“I…yes sir…” General Absolon then escaped through the portal. At this time, I had brought the girl safely outside of the ruins, but before I left with her, I had to get the pieces of the X Shard. If The Dark Shroud got their hands on them, well, it would really give them a terrible edge over the resistance… I rushed in gathering as many pieces as I could find. As I gathered pieces of the X shard, the heat was starting to get extremely intense, and I knew the ruins were ready to blow sky-high. Fortunately, I only needed one more piece, but when I had found it, I came face to face with the leader of the group that was here.

“It’s been too long, old friend…” Said the mysterious man. At that time, our disguises had blown off in the wind, and standing in front of me was exactly who I had feared was here… My greatest enemy, and my best friend…

“Adam… I should’ve known you’d be here…”

“Heh, your eyes, haven’t changed at all, that same gleam of hatred and destruction still remains. I don’t know why you bothered coming here but I’ll be taking that piece of the X Shard now! My master has plans for it so hand it over quietly…”

“Nice try, Adam… My eyes are far more developed than before… I know you’re setting up an illusion. You already have the X Shard!”

“…Wow, you’re no fun anymore…” At that moment the piece of the X Shard on the ground vanished into thin air and re-formed in the humanoid Zoroark’s hand, “well I guess I’ll be going now, but let me leave you a bit of a parting gift…”

At that moment, Adam’s arms started glowing a deep shade of purple. I knew that if I wanted to get at the X Shard piece he had, I needed to get it now while I had an opening and before he launched the Night Daze… I rushed in with Extreme Speed making sure to make it in time. I was able to retrieve it, but I was too close to escape the Night Daze. An immense explosion of darkness then engulfed the area thus setting off more of the explosives. While flames started to replace the smoke, Adam started heading toward the portal, but muttered something to himself before leaving the scene.

“Damn it… when did he get ‘those’ eyes? Now we have to deal with the Rinnegan…”


On top of a hill, the now Gardevoir girl had awoken from her unconscious state, and observed the flames of her former prison.

“What the… what happened? How did I get up here?” She looked around to try and find her mysterious hero, “Hello? Is anyone there? Hopefully the person who saved me…” At that time, a figure suddenly appeared right in front of her knocking her off her feet.

“Geez, what the hell, you scared me half to death! How did you even do that?”

“…It’s a special ability of mine. That’s really all you need to know right now. Also…”

I had then revealed to her the completed X Shard in my hand.

“Whoa… what is that?” She asked.

“Something that belongs to you…” I responded, and as I brought it closer to her stomach area, the X Shard began to enter her body.

“Wha! What’s happening to it?! What’s going on?!”

“Don’t worry, this shard is supposed to be a part of you. It protected you from the dark blast from before.”

“Wow… That’s kind of weird… Oh yeah, I meant to say thanks for saving me before. My name is-”

“I know exactly who you are, Melody Ashland.”

Melody then stood in absolute shock. “How could some kind of humanoid Jackal man know who I am?” She thought.

“Is there some reason of how you know my name?”

“…Of course there is, I’m actually shocked you forgot my voice, but then again, I do have a different appearance from graduation…”

“Graduation? …Wait, you went to school with me? Just who are you?”

“I think it’s better to show you…” I then transformed from a Lucario to a human, and at that time, even though my Rinnegan remained active, I could tell by the look on her face, that she had remembered who exactly I was…

“That’s….impossible…Alex?! Is that you?!”

“It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Melody…”
Pokemon Warriors Chapter 2: A Happy Reunion?
Well, here is Chapter 2 of Pokemon Warriors. Sorry it was so long, but I felt there were a lot of details that needed covering, and I did want to get to Melody and Alex's reunion. 

What about Adam though... If he was Alex's friend, then why is he an enemy? Why did he change Melody from a human onto a Gardevoir? More importantly, who is this 'Master' of his? Find out in the next Chapter of Pokemon Warriors...

I do not own any form of references in this fan fiction, they all belong to their original owners. However, the story is of my own idea...

Previous: dragon-knightguvz19.deviantart…
Next: Coming Soon!
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Hey everyone, I have to admit it's been way too long since I've posted pics from my Omega Chronicles series. No worries, though. I'm well on my way to working everything out. New pics and updated character profiles will be coming soon, and I might even get some drawings for the characters as well. It all depends on my motivation.

Side-Note: I finally finished my I.T. Bachelor's Degree Program!!! (Information Technology) 8-)


Dragon-KnightGuvz19's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I have finished By Bachelor Degree in Information Technology as well as currently seeking opportunities of game design or something artistic. I don't have as much time for drawing or stories all of the time, but I will try to post up some of my work. None of the drawings that I do are traced. I drew them all out by looking at the paper/image right next to or right in front of me. I also have no intention of copying people's work, so I do not take credit behind the original creators to the artist(s) behind my drawings.

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