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Pokemon Warriors Cover by Dragon-KnightGuvz19
Pokemon Warriors Cover
This is the cover for my fan fiction series Pokemon Warriors. (name pending) This series involves is a war being waged in the world of Pokemon. Many years ago, humans entered the world with the ability to fuse with their partner Pokemon. While experiencing her first contact with Pokemon, Melody Ashland is forced right into the middle of this war, and the only person she actually knows in the Pokemon world has gone through an immense change from when she knew him in the human world. What will happen? Who will reign victorious? Check the story to find out...

It is somewhat of a cross between Pokemon, DragonBall Z, & Naruto. Each series has certain parts included in this one.

Pokemon - The Pokemon characters, Mega Stones, Pokemon Fusion, Fan-Made Pokemon (like Mega Darkrai), Mystery Dungeon-ish storyline.

Naruto - Occular Abilities (Sharingan, Rinnegan, Byakugan, etc.), Weapons & Villages

DragonBall Z - Multiple Techniques (more than four moves), Possible Transformations, Fusion


Rinnegan Lucario - Alex

Gardevoir - Melody

Pikachu - Nick

Mega Aggron - Aaron

Chesnaught - Logan

Cloaked Mis-Colored Absol - General Absolon

Mega Darkrai - Mega Darkrai

Greninja/Zoroark - Adam

Mega Lopmagius - Nina

Xerneas Hybrid - ?

Yveltal Hybrid - ?

Humanoid Arceus - Lord Arceus

I do not own anything but the idea for the story, and the character designs. Everything else belongs to their original owners.
Happy Halloween with Pumpkin Mr. Popo by Dragon-KnightGuvz19
Happy Halloween with Pumpkin Mr. Popo
Alright Maggots, listen up! Popo's about to give you the Pumpkin Order... It goes you, the cavities, the candy inside of the cavities, Popo's Pumpkin, Piccolo/Nail/Kami, Then Popo...  Any questions? ......Good. Then we can begin....

Enjoy your Halloween, everyone! But be careful, I've heard of an unparalleled darkness going around recently, and accompanied with that ominous darkness...A pair of eyes... So if you go Trick-Or-Treating tonight, just make sure you run if you hear either of these sounds:… (Popo - Byyyyyyye...)… (Popo's Laugh)

Happy Halloween!
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  • Watching: BigBrudda on YouTube
  • Playing: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
  • Eating: Frozen Milky Way Mini Bars
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Hey everyone, I have to admit it's been way too long since I've posted pics from my Omega Chronicles series. No worries, though. I'm well on my way to working everything out. New pics and updated character profiles will be coming soon, and I might even get some drawings for the characters as well. It all depends on my motivation.

Side-Note: I finally finished my I.T. Bachelor's Degree Program!!! (Information Technology) 8-)


Dragon-KnightGuvz19's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I have finished By Bachelor Degree in Information Technology as well as currently seeking opportunities of game design or something artistic. I don't have as much time for drawing or stories all of the time, but I will try to post up some of my work. None of the drawings that I do are traced. I drew them all out by looking at the paper/image right next to or right in front of me. I also have no intention of copying people's work, so I do not take credit behind the original creators to the artist(s) behind my drawings.

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